Customer reviews

Hi 7forge is making some decent knives and I wanted to do a little review of them (admin approved). I purchased his edc model. I have had it a few weeks. Rough specs (Tim can get exact) 7.5 inches overall, 3.5 inch blade in 1095 convexed. Pic attached. It's a great small knife. I'm on here a lot and I recently did away with most of my small knives. That was sort of a mistake on my part it's tough to work on small game with a golok. This knife was razor sharp but as many of us know (or do) I stropped it into a frenzy after I got it. When I did the hair test on my arm I actually shaved a little skin too. I bought the the bare knife with no sheath but bought a Bradford Guardian sheath from their website and it fits perfect. . Like you would expect for a smaller knife I can get about a 3.5 finger grip on it, a good secure grip. I got big hands. Probably roughly the size of a Bark River Thorn. It's a drop point which should make it great to clean small game.
-Craig Gebhardt
Wanted to brag for a minute on 7forge I bought a couple of knives off him and they are absolutely amazing and exceeded my expectations. They fit my hand like he made them just for me. I’ve got fairly large hands and one of my gripes with a lot of knives is the handle length. These are perfect for me.  I’m sure we will be doing business again in the near future, if you haven’t checked out his work, check it out I don’t think you will be disappointed.  -J.C Oliver